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Breath of the Wild, Jack by JaywasaBlindPir8 Breath of the Wild, Jack :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 43 18 Mark took over the leaning tower of Pisa by JaywasaBlindPir8 Mark took over the leaning tower of Pisa :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 36 14 Ian by JaywasaBlindPir8 Ian :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 1 0 Anti And Dean by JaywasaBlindPir8 Anti And Dean :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 1 2 Art Kurfuffle by JaywasaBlindPir8 Art Kurfuffle :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 2 0 Jackie-boy man and the Sliver Shephard! by JaywasaBlindPir8 Jackie-boy man and the Sliver Shephard! :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 14 3
How The Jack Saved Tube-Ville
Every You down in Tube-Ville liked silence a lot. But the Jack, who lived just west of Tube-Ville did not.
The Jack hated Silence, the whole quiet description!
Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite know the reason!
It could be his hat hasn’t on just right.
It could be, perhaps, that his PC wasn’t working too right.
May have been that his heart was two sizes too large.  
Whatever the reason,
His heart or his hat,
He stood there on Christmas Eve, worrying about the Yous.
Staring down from his flat with a focused Jackaboy frown at the dim lighted windows below in their town.
For he know every You down in Tube-Ville beneath
Was lazy now, laying on a bed, underneath.
“And they’re lying on their stockings!” He yelled with a sneer.
“Tomorrow is nothing! Even though it should be!”
Then he thought with his pail fingers drumming,
“I MUST find some way to make the Yous do something!”
For tomorrow he knew… all the
:iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 3 3
It's Sean the Sheep! by JaywasaBlindPir8 It's Sean the Sheep! :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 5 6 Another? by JaywasaBlindPir8 Another? :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 20 21 Ethans-face by JaywasaBlindPir8 Ethans-face :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 12 4 Jay The Blind Pirate by JaywasaBlindPir8 Jay The Blind Pirate :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 0 3
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LD-Project-16 Chaptor three :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 2 0
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Mike by Cosmicchara Mike :iconcosmicchara:Cosmicchara 44 7 feels good man by px0Cal
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feels good man :iconpx0cal:px0Cal 5 0
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Breath of the Wild, Jack
I've been playing Breath of the Wild, And I LOVE IT. I'm not even close to being done with the story, so don't say anything about it please? 
And since Jack has played it, I decided to draw something. 
Jacksepticeye Cheer (F2U) 
Mark took over the leaning tower of Pisa
I posted this on tumblr, expecting to only get like fifteen notes, and I wasn't expecting to Mark to see it at all...I thought dead wrong. 
Okay, this is actually my first attempt at coloring, and drawing digital. And I'm still trying to find a style, so tell me what you think of it?  
Art Kurfuffle
Okay, I got a drawing tablet for my birthday yesterday (2/22) And this was my first doodle with it so...That's why it's sucks so bad 
Okay, so I don't know why but I want to write this.
So, when Mark says he doesn't deserve all the things he has gotten and When Jack and Felix said that really early on. And some of the haters says, who hasn't been around that long, 'Why are they big? their just screaming at a camera!' which is fine. But um, wait...And when they have replied to that saying stuff like, 'I have no idea!'
and the people who are just starting out on YouTube, some -not all- are in it for the money, the views, the subs all of that stuff.
It's because They did it for fun, they didn't care if it's a success or a total flop, they did it for fun.

But getting back to the 'I don't deserve this' part I think they do deserve it! I don't care what people think about them, they can hate they can love, I don't care. But starting with Mark, he deserves it because he's been through a lot of hardships and misfortunes, like his dad dying, or his operations, his breakups, his debt. It's because through all of that, he needs something that can bring a huge smile on his face, he needs some... what would you call it? reward? no...I don't know! But he needs something for being that strong, and that genuine. So that's my some-what of an answer on that, You, the person probably thinks other wise.

With Jack, he has been through some hardships, don't get me wrong all of us have, some more than others, but still hardships. He is genuine, Kind, funny, he knows his place in the world, he knows what the world is around him. and he doesn't think he's gonna get a reward for anything nice he does, he does it just, really, just because. (Wow Jay, you could've put that a lot better) And he stays positive, and it spreads through the internet. And I like that, that he can spread something like that in such a good way! I love, and he has helped a lot of people out there, (including me) through some bad hardships. (Take a shot every time I write 'hardship')

Felix, is the same way. He wanted to to YouTube for fun, (maybe make some profit) But at one point he made art for people -Something like that- to Make MONEY! but, He's really nice and he seems like the type of person you can go for advise. I really think so. But, at one point he did make crap videos because he did it so much that he became a robot -don't quote me on that- But when he realized it, he fixed it, (I think he took a break) But he also has his mind in the right place and he know the world as well.
BUT! enough of me rambling, I could ramble forever if I were talking. But I don't even know why I'm writing this, I just wanted to. I just, really like these guys, and much more. But I just wanted to write this. And I don't care if I'm the only one who reads this, but if another person is reading this other than me, thank you, I'm sorry if I bored you.


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I like to breathe, you like to breathe! We already have something in common! (I also like stuff like, youtube, septiplier, jacksepticeye, markiplier, pewdiepie, youtubers, art, writing, fanfiction, video games, console, PC and different kinds of Pirates. But ya know, the normal shterf)


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